Headquartered in London, UK, Inmarsat provides mobile communication services over satellite. Having global coverage excluding poles, Inmarsat and Turksat signed a mutual cooperation protocol.


  • Turksat is Tier-1 provider for Inmarsat product and services.

  • Turksat is able to provide Imarsat global services where Turksat sateliltes do not cover or lack the frequency band

  • Turksat is able to provide Inmarsat products and services with best service quality and lowest price

  • Inmarsat and Turksat to work together for Gateway or Satellite Ground Station for Inmarsat-6 satellites at Turksat Golbası campus

  • Inmarsat and Turksat to cooperate including Türksat 4B and Türksat-5B Ka band capacity into Inmarsat Global Xpress services

Inmarsat Services:

  • Global coverage

  • Mobile seamless communication for Land, Sea and Air

  • Lightweight Mobile Termianals

  • L and Ka Band Frequencies

  • Service Variety

  • Satellite Redundancy

  • Ground Station Redundancy


Inmarsat Satellite Fleet Coverage:

  • L Band Coverage:

  • Ka Band Coverage:


Inmarsat Products:


  • Inmarsat Satellite Phones: Global service, easy use Satellite Phones with voice and 2.4 Kbps data without roaming

  • Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) Service: Data and Internet access with global coverage and easy set up communication modem

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  • Inmarsat Fleet and Swift Broadband Service: Global data and internet access for Airtime and Maritime usages with global coverage and easy set up communication modem


Mairtime Satellite Communication Terminal


Airtime Satellite Communication Terminal

  • Inmarsat Global Xpress: Fixed or mobile, Ka band high speed satellite data and internet data access at land, air or sea with global coverage.



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