Turksat provides occasional use services in a wide coverage area over its broadcast transmission infrastructure through its satellites.

In global satellite communication, the earth is divided into three ocean regions and Turkey is located in the coverage areas of Atlantic & Indian Ocean regions. Therefore, our stations have a great opportunity to use satellites belonging to other satellite operators. Turksat provides Occasional Use Services not only in Turkey but also in abroad.

The broadcasts on the other satellites shall be transmitted to another satellite or terrestarial head ends or institutions via our uplink centers and dishes.  These lines can be either fiber optic lines or a second satellite uplink chain.

  •     Ka & Ku Band capacity solutions
  •     Ku Band 1-72 MHZ capacity
  •     Ka Band 1-6 Mbps speed options
  •     7/24 CMC
  •     Online Capacity Demands


Contact: 0850 3707070

e-mail: marketing@turksat.com.tr    

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