TURKSAT Channel Update System (TKGS) is getting prevalent!

Additional capacity provided by TURKSAT 4A communications satellite operating on 42°East has increased number of TV, radio and allowed more TV channels to provide HD versions of their transmissions over the TURKSAT satellites. Moreover, new channels are continuously being added to our channel list day by day.

Due to the difficulties experienced by our viewers to keep their set-top boxes up-to-date for TURKSAT satellites with the increasing number of broadcast services, a new channel update system (TKGS) was commissioned by TURKSAT in 2013. It was adopted by many satellite receiver and Smart TV manufacturers to eliminate difficulties experienced with the standard channel searching methods.


What is TKGS?

TKGS is a channel update system that renews the entire the channel database of the compatible receivers and Smart TVs using the data updated and transmitted continuously by TURKSAT over TURKSAT satellites.

Facilities introduced by TKGS

Standard channel searching methods create various difficulties for many of satellite viewers when updating their satellite receivers.

The transmission parameters of channels broadcasting through satellites may change several times. New channels start to broadcast in due course and some others put an end to broadcasting.

By means of TKGS provided by TURKSAT, such problems experienced while updating TV and radio channels, are entirely eliminated.

With TKGS, channel lists of TKGS-supported satellite receivers and Smart TVs are kept up-to-date, without the need for viewers to follow the broadcast parameter update news.

It is expected that TKGS will take place as a standard hardware in FTA (Free-to-Air) satellite receivers and Smart TVs which are widely preferred in Turkey.


How to adopt the TKGS system?

TURKSAT cooperates with TUYAD (Association of Satellite Electronic Communication Businesspeople in Turkey) to generalize TKGS in all satellite receivers. TURKSAT provides this service free-of-charge for satellite receiver manufacturers.

In TKGS, necessary data is provided by TURKSAT. In this way, the obligation of firms for producing and publishing their own data is eliminated.

Although some satellite receivers currently have update support, this service will become standard and continue uninterruptedly by generalization of TKGS. Hence, all satellite receiver and Smart TV users in Turkey will be concurrently provided with the information about parameter changes of the channels broadcasting through our satellites.

TKGS Compatible Products

Many firms have completed the software development and registration procedures so far. Many of them are currently continuing with the TKGS development and registration work. TKGS compatible set-top-boxes and Smart TVs are already in the market. See the annex link at the bottom of the webpage in order to check TKGS-compatible device list.

Automatic Update

The satellite receiver is able to update the channel list periodically even in the "stand-by" mode. Update process takes place at the background within a few seconds without any interruption of broadcast while the satellite receiver is going through a channel having TCUS data. There are different update modes, such as the "stand-by" update mode, within the system. The viewer sees a specific message on the screen when the channel list is updated and gets informed of the updated channels.

Attention to TKGS Logos on Satellite Receivers!

A TKGS logo is placed on every TKGS-compatible set-top-box. Our viewers wishing to purchase a TKGS-compatible satellite receiver or Smart TV are needed to contact manufacturers with TKGS integration.

Three Different User Modes of TKGS

There are three different user modes in the operating structure of TKGS, in accordance with the preferences of end-users.

  • Full Automatic Use: This mode is the default profile of a TKGS-compatible satellite receiver or Smart TV. The channel list is entirely under the control of TKGS. The user is not allowed to make changes on the channel list. 
  • Flexible Use: Some restrictions in the full automatic user mode have been removed in this mode. The user is allowed to arrange the channel ranking. The channel ranking preferred by the user is maintained in the following TKGS updates.
  • TKGS Off: TKGS is inactivated. No automatic updates are available. The satellite receiver or Smart TV continues to operate as a standard device with no TKGS. Nevertheless, the user is allowed to select the "TKGS update" button from the menu to update the channel list.

Two separate main lists, the HD list and SD list, are currently available in the TKGS channel ranking. Both lists include all channels transmitted over TURKSAT satellites. However, the HD list prioritizes unencrypted HD broadcasts.

In addition to all of these, various categories (news, sports, music, etc.) have been created in TKGS. These categories are offered ready to the user as predefined favorite groups and kept up-to-date on a continuous basis.

If the user shuts down TKGS on a TKGS compatible satellite receiver or Smart TV, the update process will not be interrupted. Continuity is maintained by publishing TKGS data among many different TV package broadcasts.

Automatic Update

The satellite receiver or Smart TV is able to update the channel list periodically even in the "stand-by" mode. Update process takes place at the background within a few seconds without any interruption of broadcast while the satellite receiver or Smart TV is viewing a channel carrying TKGS data. There are different update modes within the system besides "stand-by" update mode. Following the completion of the update, a specific message is shown on the screen and viewer is informed of the updated channels.

General Features of TKGS

  • TKGS is a full automatic TV and radio channel updating system without requiring any user intervention.
  • With TKGS, you can have an up-to-date channel list within only a few seconds.
  • The flexible use provided by TKGS enables the user to customize the main channel list. TKGS preserves the customized channel list during the subsequent updates.
  • TKGS senses an available update even when switching channels, informs the user accordingly, and causes no interruption while updating on the background.
  • It is possible to update in the "stand-by" position.
  • The viewer can select options among the main lists (HD or SD).
  • Predefined lists of choice (news, sports, music, etc.) are presented to viewers.
  • Updates continue smoothly even if broadcasting parameters of a carrier with TKGS data are changed.
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