Turksat Ka band SOTM Antenna provides seamless voice, data and video communication at land or sea, independent from any terrestial networks.
SOTM terminal has the ability to provide up to 6/25 Mbps (Up/Down) data rates and already in use for different Turkish land and coast requirements.

Weighing 16 kg including the carrying bag, this manpack antenna can manually search and find the satellite for economic and uninterrupted satellite communication. This 67cm diameter antenna is consist of 6 carbon fiber parts and can reach to 6/25 Mbps (Up/Down) speed. Included GPS unit does the automated modem settings.

Flyaway antenna is provided with 74cm and 98cm diameters. This motorized antenna can search and find the satellite with one click. Up to 6/25 Mbps (Up/Down) speed data communication can be reached. It can also be installed on a vehicle and consist of 2 boxes for motor and system unit.
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