Industry 4.0 tools of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) connects more and more platforms to each other or internet in order to eliminate the requirement of human to human or human to computer interaction.

As a well known complimentary solution for all terestial network, satelilte communication will also be the major complimentary and effective solution for IoT applications.

Considering the current trends in satellite technologies and expected capabilites of Turksat 5B satellite, Ka band satellite solutions will be filling a major gap in IoT services. Global market for satellite IoT is focused on eligible hardware and effective service pricing for end users. Global IoT applications can only be served through sateliltes and it is expected to bring new approach to all application areas such as enviromental montioring, agriculture, government infrastructure management and wide area remote sensing. In near future, low cost, strong global connection capability will significantly increase the number or remote sensors and this will serve as more accurate approach to data based estimations and trends for both enviromental, social, industrial, logistic and agricultural applications.

While Turksat research and development works are in process, already manufactured product is planned to bring in service till the in-house manufactured terminal is ready to implement Turksat VSAT services.


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