Broadband VSAT

Without long and expensive ground infrastructre required, Turksat provides high speed satellite communication with easy setup, centrally controlled and professionally monitored over wide coverage of our satellites

Broadband VSAT provides very critical and life serving communication at regions where ground telecommunication networks may be weak or no present at all. With its high resiliance and reliability for any kind of natural disasters, VSAT services also very commonly used for backing other sorts of communication lines as well.

Main Use Cases

  • Internet Access
  • Data Transfer Applications
  • Remote Education
  • File Transfer Applications
  • Point to Point (Unicast) or Point to MultiPoints (Multicast) Transfer Applications
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Applications
  • VOIP Applications
  • Video Conference or Video Transfer Applications
  • Line Back-Up Applications
  • Radio and Radar Communication Applications
  • Mobile Network Operator Infrastructure
  • Disaster and Emergency Recovery Applications
  • Vessel Tracking Applications
  • Seismic Data Transfer Applications
  • Agricultural Harvest Monitoring
  • Fuel Quality Monitoring
  • Terrestial Infrastructure Back-Up Applications
  • Communication Access for Remote Regions


Reliable and resiliant communication services for critical Government data transfer requirements, especially for any Disaster and Emergency Recovery requirements
Main or Back-Up lines of data, voice or image communication services over satellites for Mineral and Oil Explorations Companies, Remote Branch coverages for Banks, Construction and Media Companies. Service may be VPN, VOIP, file transfer, remote education or back-up applications.

Uniterrupted quality communication service for mobile land, air and sea vehicles over Turksat satellites along with global coverages
Satellite solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) between main headquarters and any remote regions with low fiber or terrestial networks for internet access for end users and back-up for disaster or emergency cases.
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