Turksat Air Baloon Platform provides high resolution imaging

Turksat High Altitude Platform (T-HAP); can reach up to 1.500m altitude, provides 365 day 24 hour high resolution image uniterrupted and seamlessly. This platform is designed and manufactured in house by our Research and Developmetn team and its payload can be configured for several different mission requirements.

T-HAP is being manufactured for fixed and mobile system for different cases such as surveillance, monitoring, communication,setting up or interrupting internet network.

Some provided benefits with integrated payloads:

  • Live feed of 360° stabilized high resolution gimbal camera videos along with coordinate details, both at daylight and night
  • Interference and jamming of illegal communication at required RF frequencies
  • Coverage extension of GSM, radio, network and internet network with relay, base station, repeater and modem

T-HAP is  a stabil air platfrom capable of integrating radar or different kind of payload with carrying up to 50kg weight and up to 1.500m altitude with uninterrupted power supply.

T-HAP is tested by military personnel at various locations of Turkey after necessary training provided.

T-HAP can be used for coverage extension and capacity share applications for Disaster and Emergency Recovery cases, either mobile or permanently. Many use case for different agencies are currently being discussed.


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