Signals can be received from various satellites within our coverage area with our C band, Ku-band, BSS Band and Ka-Band antennas where located in our headquarter and transmitted to other satellites.

Uplink services can be provided to platform operators with our  systems through our satellite earth stations.

With the 6.3 m Ka-band Satellite Earth Station established in 2014, an uplink is made on the Ka-Band frequency on the Turksat 4A communication satellite, and digital packet transmission is performed from the Central West Africa coverage area in the FSS (Ku) frequency band.

The Company converts TV and radio broadcasts, which are transmitted to Türksat headends via Metro Ethernet, TTVPN, turnaround, and radio link lines, into digital packages and transmits these through Türksat satellites. Digital packages, which were servicing 44 TVs at the beginning in 2008, has a capacity providing update data services for 193 TVs, 65 Digital radios, and 14 Satellite receivers as of August 2015.

Teleport hizmetleri

As of August 2015, a total of 23 digital package broadcasts, 21 of them from Ankara Türksat Teleport Center, 1 of them from Germany and 1 of them from Cyprus, are carried out over our satellites (Türksat 2A, Türksat 3A, Türksat 4A) at 42 ° East.

Telefort hizmetleri

A continuous improvement process is progressing considering the quality standards in digital package broadcasting, while new technologies are being followed and adapted to the system, so that the quality of the service provided are enhances on a continuous basis.

EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Playout Services are available in our Gölbaşı Teleport center.

Technical staff monitors, controls, and analyzes broadcasts in our TV Uplink center on a 7/24 basis.


Teleport Hizmetleri
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