Turksat Satellites deliver your broadcasts and content whereever you want

• Strong Signal Reception and Transmission
• Cost Effective Solutions
• Efficent and Reliable Broadcasting
• Seamless end-to-end broadcast / distribution
• 7/24 Technical Support

Turksat offers cost-effective, reliable and full-time capacity solutions to its customers. We support our clients at every stage of the broadcast and transmission process, by delivering their  content to TV viewers from all over the world. Turksat provides all kinds of TV and Radio broadcasting services via its satellite fleet with the latest technologies in a wide coverage from Europe to Asia and offers flexible solutions as per the needs of ıts clients.

Guidelines for Applicants
TV Frequency List
Online Application

In addition to the following documents below, kindly inform us about the capacity amount that you request (Mhz/Mbps), Type of broadcast (MPEG-2/MPEG-4) and content of the broadcast.

  1. Authorized signatures list
  2. Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate
  3. Satellite Broadcast License Certificate
  4. Official name of company
  5. Name, surname and title of authorized signatory
  6. Name and surname of technical representative
  7. Tel, Fax
  8. Address


Your capacity request will be officially processed once you fill in the online applicaiton form and sent the necessary documents to the following e-mail adress (marketing@turksat.com.tr)

You can find all frequency informations at the Türksat Frequency List page.

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