05 July 2020

The 2nd International Smart Transportation Systems Summit took place on 11-12 March 2020 at the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK.)

The event, which was lent support by Türksat, was attended by Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin, Türksat Chairman of the Board Kemal Yüksek and AUS Turkey President Erol Yanar, along with senior officials from both the public and private sector.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, who spoke at the opening of the summit, said that we live in a technological age, for this reason everything is developing and changing at a head spinning rate. He added:

Societies, who cannot keep up with this development and change, are unfortunately forced to take their place among underdeveloped countries. Today, the development levels of countries are directly in proportion to the access infrastructure. Factors such as ‘national income per capita, literacy rate’ are not sufficient enough to determine a modern civilizations levels.
Noting that the basis of smart transportation services is to value individuals, Minister Turhan said:

Not only have we protected the lives of our citizens with the smart transportation systems that we have implemented and continue to implement, through the policies we have established as a ministry. We have decreased the amount of time people spend in traffic. We have made trips more comfortable. However, the development speed of technology can surpass the rate of investments. Knowing this, we act according to the future. We design and implement all of our plans and infrastructures as flexible and adaptable to developments as possible. This summit, which has helped us on this path, by putting forth the brain power to develop smart transportations systems, producing projects, encouraging institutions and individuals, is very important to us. On this occasion, I would like to thank Smart Transportation Systems Society of Turkey on behalf of the sector for realizing this important event, which has brought together so many important and valuable names.

This year awards were given at the 3rd Path of the Mind in Transportation Awards in categories such as Municipalism, Motion Technology, Start-Up, Academy, Media, Contribution to the Sector and Exclusive AUS Turkey.