05 July 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Public IT Summit digitally took place on 20 May 2020.

At the summit, where Türksat provided communication support, executives and decision makers working in public IT shared their experiences.

Within the scope of the summit, Türksat CEO Cenk Şen participated as a speaker on the “Digital Transformation of Public Institutions-1” panel.

Cenk Şen who gave information regarding e-Government Portal added, “In 2016, the average monthly transaction that took place was about 90 million, this figure increased to 319 million in 2019, and as of today it has reached 388 million.”

Şen who explained that during COVID-19, service providers along with individuals who receive service from the state have been involved in the digital transformation of public institutions. He emphasized that it was made possible because Turkey lent its support to the process.

Şen stated that in addition to providing service during the digital transformation process of public institutions, transparency throughout the service process was also offered. He underlined that the advantage gained from reducing the cost of services is one of the most important benefits from the process.
Şen noted that digital transformation is mostly seen in public institutions and establishments. He said, “In efforts with Turkey’s digitalization, we are trying to offer digitalized documents as information. Starting from the creation of data that will start from point to point, which is valid in the digital world, great success has been reached in terms of digitalizing each step of the process.”
Şen added that the way the government carries out its operations has changed and that during this period, public institutions have been given the responsibility of protecting personal data. He added, “In terms of digital transformation, serious steps have been taken by public institutions.”

Şen who noted that due the congestion caused by personnel shortage in the field of software, the responsibility which has started with the production development of data as part of the digital transformation process, has gained importance in terms of storing the product as correct data, which covers everyone.