05 July 2020

At Satellite 2020, Türksat displayed its SOTM (Satcom on the Move) Antenna, which provides internet service via satellite to all vehicles en route at sea.

Aiming to be one of the leading companies in the world in the field of satellite, Türksat took its place at booth number 1914 at the Satellite 2020 Exhibition held in the US capital, Washington, D.C.

Türksat, which plans to increase its effectiveness in its target markets and open to new markets, and with its new projects carry its accumulation of knowledge and experience in its fields of activity outside its borders, introduced the SOTM antenna, which provides affordable and uninterrupted service at sea via satellite, during the exhibition.

With the SOTM antenna developed in order to meet the needs of both military and civilian users, Türksat has taken the position as a company that is capable of providing the hardware needed for the service it offers.

About the SOTM Antenna

SOTM antenna, which provides affordable and 99.5% uninterrupted communication in areas where no fiber and GSM infrastructure exists, allows for internet connection via satellite while at sea. The system, which ensures internet connection of 6 mbps (upload)/ 25 mbps (download) through the Ka-band to vehicles in motion, can be used within physical territorial boundaries and on the coasts of Turkey.

Work is being carried out regarding the development and test studies for the SOTM antenna in order to provide internet service via satellite to land vehicle that are also in motion.

With the addition of the SOTM antenna to the range of its products, Türksat has become a company that provides satellite signal, satellite network system and antenna (hardware). The fact that Türksat manages these three component, brings forth very vital capabilities especially for public institutions and military users.

It is also among the plans to establish a “roaming” infrastructure with other satellite infrastructures through the SOTM antenna, with agreements planned to be made with other satellite service providers in regions not covered by Türksat communication satellites.

Türksat designed the SOTM antenna by making the most of its domestic facilities and original design. The first version of the antenna hardware was developed specifically for marine platforms. Necessary changes will be made to the SOTM antenna hardware, which will provide civilian users with a price and usage advantage. In the future antenna solutions will be offered to civilian vehicles such as buses. The antenna will also be capable of working with different satellite operators.

Different systems for developing applications such as Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine communication (M2M), can be used with much smaller ground systems.

Especially with the initiation of the Türksat 5B communication satellite, the markets targets by the SOTM antenna will expand further. The price advantage offered by the SOTM antenna will take Türksat one step forward in foreign markets.

The sea platforms that Turkish shipyards export abroad will open the door of indirect exports of the SOTM antenna.