05 July 2020

SEDEC Talks, an online video conference event themed “The Future of Security, Defense, Aviation and Space,” was organized with participation from the Presidency of Defense Industries and was realized with Türksat’s communication support.

The event was broadcasted live on Türksat’s Information Channel, Kablo TV 1. Channel, Türksat’s YouTube Channels, and SEDEC’s YouTube Channel.

The event, moderated by Türksat CEO Cenk Şen, was organized with the participation of leading domestic and foreign sector players such as Airbus, SpaceX, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), Leonardo and AQST. It was realized with the participation of representatives on the executive level.

The event, supported by Teknopark Ankara and MSI Magazine as the Official Publishing and Press Sponsor, contributed not only by shedding light on the future of the sector but also contributed by creating a new roadmap for the participants.

Participants across the continent of America, Europe and Asia took part in the event broadcasted on XperMeet, a domestic video conferencing software developed by BİTES.

The event was attended by Airbus Executive Vice President of Space Systems Jean-Marc Nasr, SpaceX Vice President of Commercial Sales Tom Ochinero, TUSAŞ CEO Temel Kotil, Leonardo International Marketing & Strategic Campaigns Turkey & Central Asia Vice President Camillo Pirozzi, Advanced Quantum Scientific Technology AQST Group President Gurvinder Chohan and SEDEC Coordinator Hilal Ünal Türkan as speakers.